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Yoga of Love


Yoga of Love is an author's method of working with the body and consciousness created by Paulina Kulikowska.

By releasing subconscious emotional, mental and energetic patterns, practitioners have a chance to experience the transcendence of their personal "self" and to pass to the level of experience of reality on which we experience and create ourselves anew - in order to achieve the deepest possible self-fulfilment and awaken to inner freedom. 

This leads to a radical improving the quality of lifechoices made in accordance with your soul and awaken the flow of life energy.

This work integrates Hatha&Kundalini Yoga, Transpersonal Psychology, Biomorphic Field, Shaman Techniques and Emotional Release - and all this in a spirit of forgiveness and unconditional love.

Yoga of Love is based on the values of the heart: empathy, unconditional love, equality and cooperation.

The technical differences between the "typical yoga" and the Yoga of Love are the broad spectrum of tools that it uses to broaden the awareness of practitioners in order to awaken as quickly as possible inner wisdom and potential. During the practice we use asanas, pranajamę, Mantra, Mudra and głeboką work in the heart.




BusinessYoga is dedicated to office staff – with signature MindBoost30 ′ sessions – gentle sessions using the Chair, without the need to change clothes and yoga mats. I encourage you to use the tailor-made VitalityBoost session (on the mat). The offer also includes: Meditation and Mindfulness. 30-50 minutes.


The Program includes 5-hour workshops on sexual energy for women. It integrates the introduction into tantra, techniques of sexual energy, work with femininity and the presentation of practices that deepen the intimacy between the partners.


Individual yoga lessons. A unique opportunity to dive into the yoga practice, taking into account the individual situation of the practitioner. 75 minutes only for you.


After a diagnostic interview, the DOT. The areas of life where the need for change I meditate a person's situation and personalised a practice based on a tantric numerology. Also by Skype.

Online practice

Meditation course


in the form of 12 meditations in the rhythm of the moon. The program was created for all those who want to develop and consciously work with energy, emotions and mind.

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